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Sep 21, 2020 @ 4:37 AM



ooga-chaka wiki

I am working on a custom React Hooks library, and I wanted to be able to organize all of it's markdown documentation. You can learn more about React Hooks here.

I have seen really slick websites for documentation, like the React Docs, and I wanted something similar that was easy to maintain and navigate. This was possible with GitHub wiki pages.


Wiki was created by Ward Cunningham, check out this awesome interview.

"Wiki" is a Hawaiian word that means "quick" | Source

Fun facts

The name "Wikipedia" is a blending of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and encyclopedia. Wikipedia's articles provide links designed to guide the user to related pages with additional information. | Source

* That moment when you realize Wikipedia is just a bunch of markdown files *

jack black reading a mystical book


  1. Add a new wilki page to the wiki section of your GitHub repository.
  2. Just like your git repository, you can also clone and edit your wiki pages locally like this:

    $ git clone https://github.com/YOUR_USERNAME/YOUR_REPOSITORY.wiki.git
  3. You can spice things up and edit the sidebar and customize your footer.
  4. You can even collaborate on the wiki using different branches:

    You and your collaborators can create branches when working on wikis, but only changes pushed to the default branch will be made live and available to your readers. | Source


Here are some really good video tutorials:


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